I’ve moved!

May 28, 2012

After a very long dormant period, I’m taking another stab at this fashion blogging thing — but I’ve revamped my approach a bit.

You can now find me at dailydetritus.tumblr.com!


First day back after a lovely three-day Independence Day weekend!

  • White short sleeved button-down blouse (Ross)
  • Grey trouser-style linen shorts (Kohl’s clearance five years ago)
  • Red Mary-Jane heels (rescued from my roommate’s giveaway pile)
  • Accessory: long necklace (Claire’s about 6 years ago)

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Friday morning (internship)

  • Purple tartan print short-sleeved jacket (Charlotte Russe clearance four years ago)
  • Black cami layered over white lace-trimmed cami (both Charlotte Russe)
  • Black slacks (Walmart)
  • Black patent Mary Jane heels (Kohl’s three years ago)
  • Accessories: chandelier earrings (Walmart)
Friday afternoon (class, then froyo with my sister)
  • White slouchy tee (Walmart)
  • Cut-off cuffed denim shorts (formerly jeans from Walmart)
  • Braided sandals (Forever21)
  • Accessories: flower earrings (Las Vegas hotel gift shop), silk-wrapped large bead necklace (consignment store three years ago)
Saturday (visiting an out-of-town friend overnight)
  • Floral henley (Urban Outfitters clearance — arrived in the mail today after being lost for awhile!)
  • Cut-off cuffed denim shorts
  • Moccasins (Minnetonka)
  • Accessories: chandelier earrings (I’ve had these for so long that I have no idea where they came from)

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Weather: 80s with storms in the afternoon.

  • Cotton button-down top with ruffle/pleated detailing (Charlotte Russe sale)
  • Grey wide-legged slacks (Walmart)
  • Red Mary Jane heels (rescued from my roomie’s giveaway pile at the end of the semester)
  • Accessories: faux opal earrings (Forever21)

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Weather: 80s.

  • Light blue, pinstriped, three-quarter sleeved button down blouse (Forever21)
  • Charcoal grey, high-waisted pencil skirt (Ross)
  • Oxford heels (eBay)
  • Accessories: Caribbean topaz earrings

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Current obsession

June 27, 2011

Vintage lace party dresses. I’m combing Etsy and Ebay looking for a really great one in my price range.

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Weather: 80s and sunny.

  • Short-sleeved lightweight sweater (Target clearance three years ago)
  • Lace-trimmed cami (Charlotte Russe)
  • Grey wide-legged slacks (Walmart)
  • Cream-colored pointed toe heels (borrowed from my sister)
  • Accessories: flower earrings (Vegas hotel gift shop four years ago), metallic headband (Claire’s)

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I think I went completely to the opposite end of the office-wear spectrum from yesterday!

Weather: 70s and sunny.

  • Cotton button-down top with ruffle/pleated detailing (Charlotte Russe sale)
  • Crinkled, printed skirt with drawstring waist (Urban Outfitters clearance)
  • Patent leather flats (Steven Madden on clearance at DSW)

Weather: 70s and sunny

  • Beige lightweight short-sleeved sweater (secondhand shop)
  • Charcoal grey high-waisted pencil skirt (Ross)
  • Stacked-heel walnut brown Oxfords — my new favorites! (discovered on Ebay, gifted by my boyfriend)
  • Accessory: beaded bracelet (dollar store from way back — something like 10 years ago)

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Wow, it’s been a whole month since I last posted! I apologize — the last few weeks of school were so busy that I either didn’t put any thought into my outfits or had too many other things to make blogging a priority, and then my family was on a cruise, and last week I started an internship. I’m going to try to do a better job of keeping up with this blog over the summer. You’ll be seeing mostly business-wear for the next five weeks, due to the internship thing, and I make no guarantees as to the cuteness of what I post. Pretty much all my office-appropriate things were snagged from Ross or Walmart because I was in a hurry and broke last summer when I first needed them, so making them look good will be a challenge, but blogging will give me good motivation to try to pull that off. So, here goes Day 1.

Weather: 60s and raining.

  • Black boyfriend cardigan (Target)
  • Pinstriped button-down blouse (Forever21)
  • Lace-trimmed cami (Charlotte Russe)
  • Black slacks, which look far more unflattering in this picture than they are due to angle at which my webcam has to be positioned to get a decent shot and due to the length of the cardigan (Burlington)
  • Patent flats (Steve Madden on clearance at DSW)
  • Accessory: clock locket — I’ve taken to calling it a “clocket” (vendor visiting my college campus)

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